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What’s Reviewed Here?

We provide unbiased, independent reviews on the following WiFi systems:
  1. Mesh WiFi Systems - These are multiple routers that act as one to provide a large area with WiFi.
  2. Long Range WiFi - These are single routers that provide more coverage than typical WiFi routers.
  3. WiFi Extenders - These are single WiFi routers that connect with your existing router and extend your WiFi signal into new areas of your home.
  4. WiFi Antennas - These connect to your existing router or computer to expand the range of your existing WiFi router.

Why you should consider a Mesh WiFi system

No longer are just our computers connected to WiFi. Our phone, TVs, tablets, DVRs, refrigerators, washing machines, coffee makers, light bulbs, and so many more. Mesh WiFi systems will simply put envelop your home or business with WiFi everywhere hopefully removing WiFi dead spots. Mesh WiFi systems do this by interconnecting two or more routers to act as one large WiFi broadcast system.

Even if you get a free WiFi router from your Internet provider, upgrade to a Mesh WiFi system to enjoy Internet everywhere in your home or business!

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