Best Travel Wi-Fi Router reviews

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Best Travel Wi-Fi Router Reviews


When you are often on the road, it is important to have a reliable internet connection. We hope that this article that does an extensive review of travel Wi-Fi devices and what to look for helps in making that choice. Enjoy exploring our best travel Wi-Fi router reviews !

Travel routers generally have a SIM card and connect to a cellphone provider with data subscription or prepaid data.

These devices are engineered for Wi-Fi users to access the internet through UMTS/HSPA/LTE. Most of them are battery powered while others may require you to power them via PC.

The key

travel wi-fi router reviews

Travelling with worldwide wi-fi access?

to connectivity is your router, and today, since wireless is necessary for mobile devices and portable PCs, you need a high-quality travel router.

You are exhausted from a long flight or drive and you have a bunch of emails to get to. Why not handle them with your own private network.


Why a Travel Router


You do not have to stop networking when you go on a business trip or vacation. If you cannot live without having a wireless connection, then you should pack a portable travel router for use in places where Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Computer security is always a problem when you travel, especially when dealing with unsecured wireless connections. A person in the next hotel room can tap into an unsecured network and hack into your personal computer.

With a travel router, you use your own private connection, which allows you to enable the highest level of security that the device supports. This way, you are able to limit access to your PC and mobile devices or to your known travelling relatives and friends.


Benefits of Portable Travel Router


It goes without saying that there is more than one benefit of travelling with a travel Wi-Fi router. This goes for both kids and adults, and it is not always about a secured connection.



You can carry your wireless connection in your pocket. Most travel routers are remarkably small and can fit in your jacket pocket. This is just what you need during a business or a vacation trip. You won’t even notice that it is in your pocket.


Wireless Internet Anywhere, Any Time

A travel router ensures that you have internet wherever you are and at any time of the day. Kids, you can take your gaming adventures on the road. You do not have to miss those breathtaking moments just because your parents have forced you to tag along on a trip.

You can keep on chatting with friends and post images on social media while on the road and at your destination. Parents may have no much use of the internet on a vacation trip, but kids can share the wireless connection for unforgettable home away from home experience.


What to Look For In a Travel Router


When searching for a high performing travel router, you should always look for travel Wi-Fi router reviews.  Leading reviews should advise you to look for the following attributes:


Locked or Unlocked: This should be your first consideration when searching for a travel router. Most inexpensive portable routers are locked to a particular service provider. A locked router won’t work with other service providers.

Unlocked routers are usually the best options for the money. This will allow you to take advantage of the reasonable data charges of other diverse service providers.

Operational Mode: You need a travel router that you can configure in more than one mode, including: router mode, bridge mode and AP mode.

Standard: Always buy a portable router that supports the 802.11n standard (released 2007) and above. You should consider searching for more advanced routers that support 802.11ac standard (released 2013) for more speed and reliability.

Frequency Band: Most products in the market support a frequency band of 2.4 GHz, which is usually crowded and susceptible to interference. So, consider dual-band travel routers.

Data Plan and Number of Supported Users: You should always to go through the data plans of your desired service provider, including postpaid and prepaid plans, especially when you consider buying a locked travel router.

Travel routers do not support infinite number of users. So, it helps to know in advance the number of users the device will support before you proceed with the investment. Averagely, travel routers support 5 users, but there are some that can support up to 10 users.

Power Options: Go for a travel router with three power options for convenience, including PC USB port, USB adapt charger and power bank.


In Conclusion


So when looking for the best travel wi-fi reviews, we hope we did not disappoint with the information provided.

Do not travel without portable Wi-Fi or else you will limit your internet connection and use. Normally, travel Wi-Fi routers cost less than $100 and setup is usually straightforward. They are well worth the investment for any road trips.

All service providers provide plans that allow you to continue using your data and roam at a given cost. However, it is important to contact your service provider for additional info. There is also the Three Roaming Charges, which depend on the country you are travelling to.