What is a Home Mesh WiFI Router?


Chances are, you only have one WiFi router in your home and your WiFi signal doesn’t reach all areas of your home. If you need WiFi coverage in more areas, than a Mesh WiFi system can help.  What is a Home Mesh Wifi Router?

Home Mesh Wife Router

Home Mesh Wife Router

Mesh WiFi systems are a bunch of wireless interconnected routers that act as one router to cover a large area with WiFi signal. Mesh Wifi systems have been used for years. When you go to a hotel for instance, you can connect to the same WiFi signal in many different areas, floors, and through all kinds of walls. Home Mesh WiFi routers bring this technology to your home blanketing floors, previous dead zones, attics, basements, garages, and even large yards with the same WiFi signal.

When you try to connect to a mesh router, your mobile device or computer will connect to the strongest of the broadcasting signals. As you move around, your mobile device or computer could hop off one router and onto a now more stronger signal router. This hopping on and off happens pretty quickly and should seem seamless to you. This is kinda like talking on your cell phone while driving. As you move in and out of the range of a cell tower, the next one up takes over the call without missing a beat (well sometimes you do miss a few cell beats and have dropped calls).

A good WiFi router costs about $150. A good home Mesh WiFi router system is usually double that but often comes with three routers. You can think of a Mesh WiFi system as buying two or more good routers that are spread around your home for broader coverage.

Home Mesh Wifi Router Configuration:

Most good Mesh WiFi systems have mobile apps to configure though most are so easy to set up now you simply connect the main system to your main Internet connection via an ethernet cord the pair the other satellite routers up with your main router.

Fill Large Home with Mesh WifiHome Mesh Wifi router expansion:

Most Mesh WiFi systems also let you expand as you need to grow. You can easily add more satellite systems and expand your WiFi coverage further and further. You do need to check with your Internet provider if you want to start sharing your signal with neighbors who split the cost (guessing this is not going to be OK).

If you live in a studio or very small apartment, all you need is a regular long range WiFi to make sure you get through whatever walls you have. Anything larger, and we really do think you should consider moving up to a Mesh WiFi system.

Take your time when choosing the best Home Mesh WiFi router. We also recommend you purchase from Amazon.com so if it doesn’t work you can use their incredible customer service to return it and try another system.