How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength


How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength

It goes without saying that wireless networks offer a better option for internet users, especially on the go. There is no single internet user who wants to be confined to a desktop. However, Wi-Fi connections are infested by a number of issues, including slow speeds and bad reception. There is no problem without a solution, and there is a solution on how to boost wi-fi signal strength you have been experiencing. Here are the ten things that you can do to boost your Wi-Fi signal strength.

Buy the latest Wi-Fi tech

The simplest and first solution that you should think of is buying the up-to-date Wi-Fi technologies. You are familiar with the various Wi-Fi standards, the latest protocol being wireless AC.

To achieve and maintain a stronger signal, you need to use a wireless AC router. Also, make sure that the devices using the network support wireless AC.

Relocate the access point

The easiest and most inexpensive trick is to relocate or change the access point. Place your testing device in the area with poor signal quality, then move your access point to a different location and recheck your Wi-Fi signal strength on your test device.

Remember to check your other points before settling for the new access point. If possible, place the access point in the middle of your house. This will help since most access point antennas are omnidirectional. They usually transmit to a spherical area.

Therefore, an access point located at the center of your house is most likely to boost the wireless signal strength within the area you are planning to cover. Boosted signal strength inside the house minimizes the signal strength outside, thus keeping off hackers.


Use the right wireless channel

You should be concerned about your wireless channel if your home is situated in an area with many Wi-Fi routers. Your neighbors’ routers can prove to be quite frustrating. Therefore, it is helpful to settle for a channel with minimum interference. You can use a Wi-Fi analyzer to locate the ideal channel in your home.


Do away with interference

You should not only be worried about your neighbors’ routers. Consider other interferences, such as mobile devices and microwaves. Once you locate the position of the interferences, you can attempt to relocate your router to a more secured position.


Know who or what is hogging your bandwidth

how to boost wifi signal strength

This is something that you should be concerned with if you are sharing your Wi-Fi network with people who subject your network to strenuous activities, such as online gaming, streaming TV shows and downloading videos.

You need to set some ground rules to manage your bandwidth and signal quality. Advise your network users to avoid heavy use during popular times. However, you can consider using QoS (Quality of Service) to control bandwidth hogs.

Turn off your router’s power saving mode

There are some Wi-Fi routers that feature the power saving mode. You are most likely to face bandwidth problems and poor wireless signal, if this mode is on by default. Go to power settings and switch to normal power settings, the is the easiest way if you want to know how to boost wi-fi signal strenght


Set the WI-FI router to restart on a regular basis

This is one of the easiest and smartest ways of solving or boosting poor signal quality. Make sure you schedule router reboots on a daily basis. This would automatically revitalize the network, removing any existing interference.


Adjust WI-FI settings

Most people may not think of this, but optimizing the settings of your wireless router can do wonders. For instance, you can switch from a 2.4 GHz mode to a 5 GHz, if your adapter and router have a 5 GHz mode.


Use an older router as a booster

If the abovementioned tricks do not work for you, then you can consider transforming your older router into a wireless signal booster.


Go for a Wi-Fi repeater

At times it helps to consider a Wi-Fi signal strength increaser, such as a Wi-Fi repeater. A repeater will receive a Wi-Fi signal from one access point and boost it locally. Regardless of the fact that a repeater is capable of boosting your signal strength,

It can also decrease your network’s performance.  The performance may hold if the network does not feature a lot of traffic. You can also try other tricks that you have learned from other sources, relatives or friends on how to boost your Wi-Fi signal strength.


“How to boost wi-fi signal strenght” was written by Ashley Schloss, IT specialist as Asquick IT, Brisbane, Australia

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