Maximum Coverage for Mesh WiFi Systems

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Just how far can your Mesh WiFi systems reach, and how to get maximum coverage for Mesh Wifi Systems? Depends on what’s in your home or business. Some obstacles like mirrors, metals, and water can really block WiFi signals. Basically every material that has electric conductivity can interfere with the signal.  Wood, drywall, clear glass, and furniture have very little impact. Some things share similar radio frequencies so crowd out and slow down or even block signals. Items such as cordless phones (who has these anyway!) and microwaves can impact WiFi range. Weather can also impact your WiFi range. Live in a foggy area? The maximum coverage for Mesh Wifi Systems can be impacted by fog as again water is a conductor and can diminish the signal.

Maximum Coverage for Mesh WiFi Systems Table:

Below are maximum ranges for common Mesh WiFi systems. As outlined above, your mileage will vary.

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We haven’t tested AmpliFi HD’s range though the range is not listed on their website or their Amazon product description and see that advertised range on other reviews of the product. We were not able to test it to 20,000 feet but note credentialed reviewers said that range is legit. Considering the amount of positive reviews, we recon this a valid assumption.
We still stick by the Netgear Orbi as our choice. You only need to set up two routers and is dead simple to install. While 20,000 square feet of range sounds fantastic, 5,000 square feet of real world range is more than enough for the vast majority of homes and most small businesses. So if you don’t live in a castle or you dont have a massive warehouse this device will add sufficient range.  The other good thing is, because of it’s affordability, you can add more WIFI mesh routers as you go. Once the base unit is installed, the addition of an extra router is a breeze.