NETGEAR Orbi Home WiFi System, WiFi Router & Satellite

Editor rating

4.8/5 on May 27, 2017

User's rating

3,013 reviews


  • Class leading data performance
  • Excellent coverage
  • Only two routers needed


  • Some say they are ugly
  • Parental controls could be better
  • Easy to knock over


Editor's choice! Dedicated connection to each other means faster data to your devices. Easiest setup for mesh WiFi (app or browser). Only need two routers to blanket your home. Excellent range!

The Netgear Orbi is the only Mesh WiFi system we have reviewed that comes with two routers. All of the other systems come with 3. Despite being one less, the Orbi’s maximum range is still third best of the group and more than enough at 5,000 feet.

Of all of the Mesh WiFi systems we have tested, we like the Netgear Orbi the best. Almost anyone can set one up though we did have one snafu with the router taking about 5 minutes to finally see our host Internet connection. During the five months we have tested the Orbi in a real world home, we have had zero problems.

We also love that the Orbi uses a dedicated radio to connect to each other. That means the master Orbi can transfer data to the satellite Orbi on a dedicated channel, instead of the satellite Orbi sharing a radio connection for both the connection to devices and the connection the master device. Bottom line…data rates are as good as they get.

We’ve also found very little drop in speed from being right next to the master Orbi to connecting at 100 feet away from the satellite Orbi. Sure does feel like you are getting the speed you pay for across your whole home.

We would like to see future upgrades come to the mobile app for power users that want to tweak settings. Normal users are going to be just fine with the current set of tools.

Here’s a recent CNET video that we agree with:

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